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Apple Loving All The Way to My Wrist

It couldn’t be helped. I had to put in the order for an Apple Watch. I certainly can see a use case for me. I have an iPhone 6 which I will ba able to leave in my pocket at work and the boss will less of a pain if I am not looking at the phone. I will be able to control the podcasts I’m listening to with the Overcast application. It has just been announced that it will be ready when the Watch hits the streets. I do need to check the time as I work and looking at the Apple watch will allow me to see the notifications too. No one will know if I am checking the time or seeing what the message says that came in a couple of minutes ago.


When I am in a large town or city it will be handy to have the map on my wrist giving me silent nudges as to which way I need to turn. Good to leave a phone hidden away and not to tempt thieves.

I have been using a Fitbit for a couple of weeks. It is good for recording the steps I take. The Apple Watch will do that and more. Handy to have a heart rate monitor thrown into the mix to give more information. Looking forward to making the circles the watch uses to tally up the activity fill the screen and it will be better than the little lights you have on the Fitbit.

I see that Clear, the To Do application will be ready for the Apple Watch and I can see myself using Siri to add reminders to do things. iPassword will be there for reminding me of one or two passwords I might need to input manually into some real world interface. Evernote is Apple Watch ready, which was to be expected as they like to be everywhere.

I am wondering how much of a geeky person I will look like when talking to my watch, Dick Tracy stykle??

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How to use Mavericks Tags

Apple throws another tag in the pot

I suppose that some might say that Apple are bound to do things different from everybody else or to ignore the fact that there are open systems available already that they could have used and built upon. Instead of using the Open Meta Tags that were actually available before Mavericks, they have decided to expand what they were using before which they called Labels. Prior to this latest version of OS X Apple had a number of labels with colours and you could use these to help you identify files within a folder. So if you gave the file is a blue label then you could easily spot all of these files because the whole of the line in the Finder window was coloured blue. You could change the name of the label from the colour to something else, but even so, the whole thing was a little bit limited. This is why many of us used to applications such as Default Folder or Tag It to add Open Meta Tags to files that we could then search for within a spotlight search Finder window.

Mavericks Tags

Whenever I saved a file, because I had Default Folder running I was given the opportunity to add a tag and most times I did so. I could tag a text file, a picture or a movie file with the tag YouTube just because all of them had something to do with creating video clips for YouTube. It is a way of grouping various file types together into something that was more searchable later. In some ways the tag became like the overall project name. I can still use these over meta tags if I want to, but the Mavericks operating system has given me Mavericks tags. I don’t need to have another application running all of the time like Default Folders. It was only really when I opened up the application called Houdahspot that I realised that Mavericks tags were completely different and separate from open meta tags. So is this a good thing or not?

Apple makes it easy for adding Mavericks tags

Wherever you save a file now on your Mac you are given the option of adding a Mavericks tag to the file. So there is a another field entry underneath where you add the name of the file and that’s where you put your tag. When you start off you are still given your eight available Mavericks tags based on colour, but you can change the name of these so that they make more sense to you. Not only that, you can also add as many other tags as you require. The other tags that you add beyond the initial eight do not have colours assigned to them and you can’t create your own colour palette if you want to. Maybe that is something that Apple would like to think about doing in a future version. All in all it is a good idea and a good system for Mac users and I think in time it may well be developed more. I wonder at the moment if these Mavericks tags also are available to be used on iOS. Do these mavericks tags stay with the file that you have created them with so that when the files moved to other computers can you still use them? Another improvement that could be useful at a late stage would be the possibility to use nested tags.

It has been made easy for you to start using tags with the ability to tag a whole bundle of files all in one go by simply dragging and dropping the files onto the name of the tag in the sidebar. So just because you have a system that has been using tags up until now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start using them now.

The nuts and bolts of using tagging

One of the good things when you are using these tags is that they are auto complete and this is handy so that you don’t end up with tags that are meant to be the same but end up being different because you have added letters at the end or have pluralised the word. In any case, I would suggest that when you start using these tags to help you find your work, that you don’t go overboard with adding new tags. Keep it simple to begin with and try to think about words that you will use when you are going to search for these files.

Watch your words

When you are choosing words that you want to use for your Mavericks tags then there are some words that you should not to use. Obviously, you don’t want to choose things that are already searchable such as the date the file was created or the date the file was opened last. There’s no point in putting words into the tags that are already within the title of the file. The kind of file is already searchable within Finder or within other applications such as Houdahspot, so you don’t need to tag them with those sort of words. It might even be a good idea to take note of the words that you use when you are looking for something as this might lead you to find words that are more specific and helpful to your own set of documents.

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Some WWDC Goodies

OSX LionI watched the WWDC Keynote this morning after watching a live blog of it yesterday and I like what I see. There are some super things coming to OSX with Lion and also with iOS5 that I will be able to put on my iPd. Glueing all of that together is the iCloud which is very interesting indeed.

Some of the features found in iOS are coming to Lion and we will have to get our hands on a magic track pad to be able to benefit from some of the upgrades. The extra swipes that we can do to have the operating system do things for us. Some navigating things, app launching things with Mission Control and the way that we will be able to see the apps we have all lined up neatly on the full screen.

I didn’t like the idea of that mess all of the desktop at first but it only shows over the desktop when you want it and otherwise the desktop is as before.

The price of Lion is good – €24.99 and that will upgrade all of my Mac computers, apart for the Mac Mini that is a G4 Processor and is getting long in the tooth now.

I am not sure about the download from the App Store. I like to do a clean install with a new operating system. The good old nuke and pave is good for cleaning all the cruft that accumulates over the years and can make a computer run a bit faster. Have to look into that for some clarification.

iOS5 has been downloaded onto my computer and I expect to install it on the Amazing iPad. it is Beta software but I am ready to give it a go. Even though iOS5 is not due out until Autumn. It makes me want to get an iPhone 4 to replace my ageing 3G iPhone. Either that or I wait until September when the new iPod Touch becomes available and hope there are some upgrades to it to make it more desirable.

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How to Copy Files to iPad – Move files iPad Style

it is not that difficult to copy files to iPad but there seem to be quite a few people that struggle with it. You have iTunes for moving files to iPad and you can also use email to send files to iPad. The there is DropBox which is absolutely brilliant for getting your files on to the iPad.

DropBox for copying files to ipad

Open an account and make sure you then get the DropBox application on your iPad. I just opened DropBox and went to a text file in the folder structure in DropBox. In the top right corner there is the Open In button and I have a choice of which text application to work with. I have four in this list. Noterize, GoodReader, Evernote and PlainText. I would have liked it in Nebulous Notes preferably

I can get at the note easier in Nebulous Notes because it integrates directly with DropBox. When I click on Open in Nebulous I see a list of files from DropBox. I do have to have some sort of connection to Dropbox to get the file in though. If I was offline completely I would not have the access.

While I am on WiFi it was very quick to bring in a text file in Nebulous or into Noterize. It did seem that all I could do though was to add notes , audio, bookmarks and write on top but I couldn’t edit the text. Not that useful ! Using The ipad For Business you need to have it sorted out

I as able to share it out into Evernote but that had it as a PDF and it was not editable there either. On the other hand when I used DropBox to move files to iPad and used the OpenIn button to go to Evernote direct I was able to edit the text no problem at all.

I can see why some people might get a bit confused with ipad copy files to computer and How To Copy Files To iPad . I think the thing is to work out your work flow for specific applications or types of files and make a reminder in one of your notes applications on how to do it just in case you forget exactly how you did it.

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