Mac20Q Podcast 42 The Mac Mommy

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Melissa is totally in mommy mode and in the process of producing another baby too. Still has time for the loving of the Mac. She tells me a story about a mouse eating her peripherals. Melissa uses a MacBookPro and passes her old machines on to her husband, hang on that’s not right ! Oh it’s OK she is the geek of the family. She can be found at Moms Gone geek and The Mac Mommy

A favourite gadget is called a huckleberry that she keeps in a Tupperware container. She showed it to Alison Sheridan @Podfeet of the Nosillacast when they met up. This gadget is a periscope so that she can video thing on the other side of the computer, she is not limited to filming herself sitting in front of the MacBookPro.

The Mac Mommy is a fan of iWork and like using Numbers, recently used it for collating all the figures for the tax man. used to be a designer when she left school and used the pro applications for that but now that she teaches the ‘Snow Birds’ how to use computers she keeps to the apps that you can find on all Macs mostly.

I recommend Bean and Melissa has used it too, can’t stand Microsoft Word and the inconsistencies of the formats within it. When will people realise that you DO NOT need to get Word just because other people are using it. Bean makes doc files and so does Pages in iWork. I just bought Scrivener the other day too. Pretty pleased with it. Melissa says that if the person recieving a document from you and they don’t need to edit it the just send them a PDF. That makes sense.

The Mac Mommydoes not have an iPhone yet but would like one, despite being un willing to change to AT & T. I didn’t want to change to Telefonica but had to, mind you it has been OK so far, so I will stop complaining.

In Safari the tabs at the top are good for The Mac Mommyas it is good for using with the senior citizens that are snow birding it in Arizona, and learning about computers while there. Used to love FireFox though. For Twitter Melissa likes Nambu. I was liking Nambu but found that it needs more development. I think she will be trying Tweetie soon although likes Thwirl.

Melissa made up to the family for eloping with her husband by having a big wedding for the one year anniversary. She made the wedding music with iTunes, did all the printing end of things with iWork and iLife. Sounds like it was a mammoth task but totally enjoyable. Probably did the photos in iPhoto also. Could have used PhotoBooth to take the pictures of all the guest one by one.

The back up strategy is an ABC method Archive, BackUp and Clone. You have to listen to how that works, it is a lesson to all those out there that don’t back up. What!?? you don’t back up?? Listen to Melissa for a great strategy. Get SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner and get 2GB of Free back up with Mozy

In the process of saving cash Melissa has turned to Boxee to not have to pay for cable TV. I don’t think we can get Boxee here in Spain. U.S. only.

For the rest of the information in the show go and listen. I recommend that you subscribe in iTunes though so that you don’t miss any episodes.


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