Managing Twitter Better

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Twitter is a big thing these days whether you have one account or Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts I have been working with my Wizardgold Twitter account that I started up before the craze took off and I didn’t bother with much until I saw that there was a point to being a twitterer.

At the time Wizardgold was only about getting the word out about the Wizardgold Gambling and trading strategies. I reviewed ways of making month using the betting exchanges. Then I found that Mac 20 Questions took off and my online persona became more about the Mac person that I am. I am still interested in the maths aspect and still look to that now and then.

Well the point of this post is to tell you that at some point you have to consider how to manage your twitter account or accounts. I now have two accounts because I am using Tweetie that has no groups feature. I found I was not seeing the tweets from my friends, they were getting lost in all the flow from the 1300 followers. The new account was just to follow my friends and not to build to get followers. Works great and I just have to remember not to reply with that one and use the main Wizardgold Twitter account to do replies. I just run the second account in a differenet Twitter client and I am sorted.

Next thing I found was a service called TweetLater and it has a number of excellent features that you can use to manage your Twitter accounts. You can have it auto follow when someone follows you. But then there is another feature with Tweetlater is that will auto-unfollow people that un-follow you. That is to confound the spammers.

I like the way that you can look at your new follows and vet them, decide whether to approve them, ignore them or block them.

Amongst the plethera of other options, there is the scheduling of Tweets. A free member of TweetLater can set one Tweet to be send out at a certain time. Good to catch people in another time zone with a message about your latest blog post or Podcast. With the paid version you can schedule a number of tweets to go out around the clock.

There are a load of possibilities in the paid vesion and if you are a person wanting to mange your Twitter and build up your followers and totally keep on top of it then the price is worth it. In any case there is a free trial of the full version for seven days.

A neat trick in TweetLater I have found today is that when someone follows me I send them a DM to welcome them and it is a auto message. have been doing that for a while but I can actually set it quite easily to rotate between say four or five different messages.

I highly recommend you give the 7 day trial a bit of a runs and see what you can do with TweetLater


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