How to Copy Files to iPad – Move files iPad Style

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it is not that difficult to copy files to iPad but there seem to be quite a few people that struggle with it. You have iTunes for moving files to iPad and you can also use email to send files to iPad. The there is DropBox which is absolutely brilliant for getting your files on to the iPad.

DropBox for copying files to ipad

Open an account and make sure you then get the DropBox application on your iPad. I just opened DropBox and went to a text file in the folder structure in DropBox. In the top right corner there is the Open In button and I have a choice of which text application to work with. I have four in this list. Noterize, GoodReader, Evernote and PlainText. I would have liked it in Nebulous Notes preferably

I can get at the note easier in Nebulous Notes because it integrates directly with DropBox. When I click on Open in Nebulous I see a list of files from DropBox. I do have to have some sort of connection to Dropbox to get the file in though. If I was offline completely I would not have the access.

While I am on WiFi it was very quick to bring in a text file in Nebulous or into Noterize. It did seem that all I could do though was to add notes , audio, bookmarks and write on top but I couldn’t edit the text. Not that useful ! Using The ipad For Business you need to have it sorted out

I as able to share it out into Evernote but that had it as a PDF and it was not editable there either. On the other hand when I used DropBox to move files to iPad and used the OpenIn button to go to Evernote direct I was able to edit the text no problem at all.

I can see why some people might get a bit confused with ipad copy files to computer and How To Copy Files To iPad . I think the thing is to work out your work flow for specific applications or types of files and make a reminder in one of your notes applications on how to do it just in case you forget exactly how you did it.


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