Apple Loving All The Way to My Wrist

15/04/2015 at 10:24 pm Leave a comment

It couldn’t be helped. I had to put in the order for an Apple Watch. I certainly can see a use case for me. I have an iPhone 6 which I will ba able to leave in my pocket at work and the boss will less of a pain if I am not looking at the phone. I will be able to control the podcasts I’m listening to with the Overcast application. It has just been announced that it will be ready when the Watch hits the streets. I do need to check the time as I work and looking at the Apple watch will allow me to see the notifications too. No one will know if I am checking the time or seeing what the message says that came in a couple of minutes ago.


When I am in a large town or city it will be handy to have the map on my wrist giving me silent nudges as to which way I need to turn. Good to leave a phone hidden away and not to tempt thieves.

I have been using a Fitbit for a couple of weeks. It is good for recording the steps I take. The Apple Watch will do that and more. Handy to have a heart rate monitor thrown into the mix to give more information. Looking forward to making the circles the watch uses to tally up the activity fill the screen and it will be better than the little lights you have on the Fitbit.

I see that Clear, the To Do application will be ready for the Apple Watch and I can see myself using Siri to add reminders to do things. iPassword will be there for reminding me of one or two passwords I might need to input manually into some real world interface. Evernote is Apple Watch ready, which was to be expected as they like to be everywhere.

I am wondering how much of a geeky person I will look like when talking to my watch, Dick Tracy stykle??


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